A few words about us

RoundAssist is a Toronto-based technology services company. Our business is delivering high-quality services to North American companies, we do it all day every day and we’d love to do it for you.

We know that outsourcing any of your business requirements to a third party requires considerable thought and scrutiny. Our customers trust us to manage their data, their customers, their transactions and their code. It’s a responsibility we take very seriously.

And it’s why we’ve set our mission as: To be trusted by each of our customers as a high-value and seamless part of their business.

 Meet The Leaders/Investors

Remus Lechintan –      CEO      

Drawing from more than 20 years of expertise in the services and IT sectors, Remus Lechintan is a seasoned professional and an invaluable asset to Round Assist. As our esteemed CEO, he exemplifies a results-driven approach, consistently leading teams to achieve outstanding outcomes while optimizing efficiency and productivity..

Remus’s leadership style is both inspiring and motivating, characterized by his remarkable interpersonal abilities that enable him to foster strong connections with colleagues, partners, and clients. He possesses an exceptional talent for nurturing the growth and performance of the companies he manages, ensuring that they remain at the forefront of their industries.

Bruce Croxon – Investor                                                     Allow us to introduce Bruce Croxon, an esteemed investor and entrepreneur, who has forged a longstanding partnership with our CEO, Remus. With a wealth of experience and business expertise, Bruce gained recognition as a prominent investor on the hit TV show Dragon’s Den, where his shrewd acumen and sharp instincts impressed audiences worldwide. Bruce’s collaboration with our CEO spans many years, during which they have worked closely together to drive our organization’s growth and success. Their shared vision and mutual trust have been the bedrock of our accomplishments. Bruce’s investment knowledge and strategic insights, honed through his experiences on Dragon’s Den, have proven invaluable in propelling our company forward. Together, Bruce and our CEO have identified and capitalized on lucrative opportunities, while navigating the intricacies of the business landscape with finesse. Their fruitful partnership continues to inspire and guide our team toward new horizons, as we strive for excellence and innovation in all that we do.
Lucian Marginean – Tech Supervisor                                                                                 
Meet our Tech Supervisor, Lucian! With a keen eye for innovation and a passion for cutting-edge technologies, Lucian leads our tech team to new heights. Armed with extensive experience in project management and a deep understanding of software development lifecycles, he ensures that our technological endeavors run seamlessly from conception to implementation. Lucian is a natural leader, adept at fostering collaboration and empowering his team members to achieve their full potential. His exceptional problem-solving skills and strategic thinking enable him to navigate complex challenges with ease, ensuring the successful delivery of our tech projects. With a personable approach and a commitment to excellence, Lucian plays a pivotal role in driving our organization’s technological advancements forward.

What Makes Us Different

We know you have a choice in selecting a company to help you with your business and technology needs and that is why we strive to stand out. Here’s how:


Our team views itself as being an extension of your company. We hold ourselves to that standard. Our employees are highly educated and have an excellent command of written and spoken English. We work across all media and digital formats, and we have a disciplined Quality Assurance system to ensure top-quality consistency.


We have 24/7 support teams that are available all year-round for you, your company and your clients. You will receive a phone number and an e-mail address that can be used for urgent matters no matter the time of day. One of our team members will respond to your request and manage the issue immediately.


From the very beginning we will always be transparent about what tasks are being worked on, who’s responsible for their delivery, and the timeline. We’ll have routine check-ins with the team and you’ll be provided with reports of the worked hours by every member of the team.


We have extremely favorable rates and even better value. Our rates are about 50% of what you’d typically pay for these services in-house. And because you don’t always need full-time service, we’re pleased to offer shared service. You only pay for what you user

We are a multinational company with offices and developers all around the world. Having a multinational presence ensures that we can work with clients all around the world and provide dedicated work in all business hours.

We offer services for Application Development, Custom Web Development, Software Migration, 24/7 Shared Services, Quality Assurance and Application Maintenance.
All our services and communication is done in English but we also speak French, Spanish and German.

We have long-term relationships with our clients. They can confirm that we are client centric, technology driven and committed. We are honest about our specializations and shortcomings as well as transparent about our work.

We are very flexible when it comes to our methods of contracting. Our payment terms depend on project size and are generally more related to successful completion of different project stages.

Two types of testing are carried out to ensure high quality products are delivered. We do system testing and acceptance testing for every project that we commit to. Moreover, we routinely contact clients and as per their suggestions, move forward.



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